Please review the library's policies.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact the library.


Books are borrowed for 2 weeks.  They may be renewed for another 2 week period.  If the materials are not returned by that time, a late fine of $.10 per day per item will be assessed.  If a book/audio book/video/CD becomes lost or damaged, the library expects the borrower to make restitution with the library.

Computer and Internet Use-- 

The Public Access Computers are for everyone to use.  At this time, the library does not charge for computer or internet use.  There is a 30 minute time limit on computers if others are waiting to use them.  All users are expected to sign in at the desk before using computers. NO ONE but authorized library employees are to tamper with or change any settings on the library computers.  This means ANY SETTINGS.  

 Printing documents, homework, or other materials is permitted but there is a fee -- $.25 per page of black print.  All pages printed are to be paid for before patron leaves library. 

Internet use is to be done respectfully.  No chat rooms, porn sites, or games that have nudity included in them!  This will result in patron being banned from using our computers!  The 30 minute time limit applies to the internet/computer use collectively.  There is to be NO downloading of programs from the internet onto our computers and the Instant Messenger is not to be engaged!  Within the last month we have had to repair our internet service because of people downloading programs that have damaged the internet service.  If this continues, we will have no other choice but to charge for computer/internet use. 

Meeting Room Use--

Our meeting room is available at no charge for non-profit organizations' meetings.  Arrangements need to be made in advance to use the room.  All persons using the meeting room are expected to leave the room clean and ready for the next group to come in.  A list of what to clean is available at the library circulation desk and posted on the wall by the light switches for the meeting room.  Any group not abiding by this user's stipulation will be denied use of the room in the future.

Persons using the room for their personal gain -- sales meetings and demonstrations or displays and "parties" that will lead to profit -- must pay a user fee of $10.00 per time slot and follow the same policy for leaving the room clean.

Any damages to the building, the yard or the parking area that occur due to the use of the meeting room and the persons involved will become the responsibility of that user(s) to compensate the library for repair.

Materials Selection--

The library director is responsible for making the decision on materials that will be placed on the library shelves for borrowing.  Anyone who has a concern about a collection item may request a form to fill out with their concerns or may present a written request for item removal to the library.  This request will be taken to the trustees at their regular scheduled meeting.  The decision to keep or discard the item will be decided by vote at the meeting.  Any concerned patrons are welcome to attend such a meeting.

The library does accept book/audio/video donations as well as cash donations for books.  We take book requests but cannot guarantee when we will be able to obtain a requested item, if it is decided that we should.  We will order interlibrary loans for patrons in good standings with our library.

Trustee Elections--

Trustee elections are held every year in May if there is a need.  Each year a different trustee position comes up for election.  If there is only one candidate that has submitted the required paperwork with signatures, an election will not be held and that candidate will automatically be come the trustee for that position for the term of six (6) years.  In the case of a trustee having to leave their position earlier, another person will be appointed to fill the vacated spot until time for that position's election.  For more information on being a library trustee, please contact the library director at the public library.

Youth and Young Adults--

Activities are provided as much as possible for youth, especially elementary school aged children.  Summer Reading is a priority for our library. 

A young adult (teen) activity is planned for the fourth Monday of every month.