Let's Talk about It

Let's Talk About It

 Our next meeting will be Monday,  May 8th at 1:00 pm with soup and a discussion led by scholar Carrie Seymour.  Lunch is served at 12:30 pm.


Our next book in the "American Classics" series is "Little Women" written by Louisa May Alcott.  You can check out the book at the library.




"Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott is an enduring book that yields some startling ensights into nineteenth century American life when one reads it as an adult.  The novel has never been out of print since its intial publication in 1868, and it has been translated into no less than 27 languages.  How to account for such longstanding appeal?   Jo, in her fiesty rebellion against the shackles of girlhood, is a character with whom all reader, especially girls, can identify.  The novel raises still-valid questions about options and rollsfor women and also demonstrates the strides toward equality women have achieved in the past century.  The novel was an instant success and became the precursor of the realistic family novel.  Fall in love with tomboyish Jo, beautiful Meg, fragile Beth, and romantic Amy, the four sisters of the March family and the story of their enchanted and enchanting years between girlhood and womanhood.



Carrie Seymour has taught literature and writing at Boise State for 13 years.  When she isn't teaching, she helps run her family's small fruit orchard in the Sunnyslope Orchard District.

Come join us and enjoy the warmth and great
conversation each book stimulates in us.